A number of factors influence the price component.
According to the building codes, the buildings are divided by the classes of responsibility. Depending on the classes of responsibility, the codes provide for the project different volumes of design work. Also the project, depending on a type of a building, includes different sections. Considering our personal experience in design and construction, we have come to the conclusion that for each individual case it is necessary to pay attantion at the certain aspects and external factors that may affect a complexity of the final product, we have united them in two main constituents .
The prime aspect is a land plot. We provide an analysis of its building potential, relief complexity, geological conditions and degree of possible seismic activity, of the surrounding buildings and normed requirements in the particular location, we determine their criticality.
The second is a quality of an architectural volume-spatial solutions, their scale, complexity, uniqueness, style, engineering saturation. Leaning upon the foregoing, we forme the price.

An average design cost per 1 m² of any building ranges from $ 8 to $ 25 according to the class of responsibility, the area and uniqueness of the building you want to have.