In our opinion, the slogan "Two heads are better than one" is definitely about us. We are the twin brothers which completely immersed into architecture and passionate about it. The starting point became a strong attraction to creativity since two years old. It became a main vital aspect in searching of our life path. Our first steps toward architectural designing we made in 2002, keeping our noses to the grindstone of architectural university at the same time. In 2004, we graduated from university and took over the duties of the architects. Both of us began to turn our ideas into reality, facing many challenges of practical design and issues of the construction sites. Our team worked with the many different experts and participated in making decisions of the numerous tricky tasks. This invaluable experience helped us to increase our skills and transformed us to the self-sufficient specialists. We successfully passed architectural certification in 2012. By that time, we had designed a big number of different buildings types: housing , offices, schools, catering facilities, warehouses, laboratories, administrative buildings of the plants, religious buildings, retail spaces. Architecture became a part of our consciousness. Striving to one aim and complementing each other, we founded our small family bureau. At the present moment we have all the skills of the modern architects, and can offer to our clients a quality service, considering building regulations , up-to-date legal and technological bases. An integral part of our work is providing of the comprehensive consults on a choice of the materials for a building, types and methods of construction. We love our work and treat it responsibly, having an optimistic approach to the various difficulties in achieving a goal.



Architecture is definitely an art and to our opinion this is a paradoxical and complex art. This art is directed to organize a space into one harmonious composition considering a huge number of conditions and restrictions. It demands fundamental knowledge and high skills for being a safe art first of all. Thus, a human environment have to consider so many aspects: safety, durability, strength, functional links, solar and atmospheric activity, of an outer and inner space usage flexibility and comfort of being inside it, changing of these factors with passing of time. And no matter is it the silhouettes of the slim skyscrapers or outlines of the scattered rural houses , all of these aspect are a part of this environment to a greater or lesser degree. All of them are about how a human interacts with a building and how a building interacts with a human and a space around it, a huge role as a matter of fact acts the surrounding space. Nature saturates this space by dynamic of life, by its variety and uniqueness. The different weather conditions, wind and the sun like speak to a static architectural object and a building replies. A measured dialog happens day by day, season by season, year by year. But what is a language of a building , how does it reply ? The answer is evident, it is its style predefining the forms and materials, it is a way how a building speaks to this landscape , how it speaks to another buildings to its inhabitants . It is important what the people can "hear" by their eyes because the styles demand understanding of its epochs , their specifics , structural and aesthetic approach.
The language of style is a versatile language achievable for many to read and listen and no matter what nationality of an individual is . But only some of them can write with this language, they are the archiwriters, archidreamers, archibeholders and archicreators of an urban and rural space, they are the Architects. What kind of an individual is this? To our minds, an architect should be a bit pragmatic mathematician who solves the most difficult tasks in the world, but on the other hand he should to step off from a dry functional approach and to give a way for intuition, creating a new wonderful world made of wood, steel, stone, glass and concrete.



A basic principle in creation of any object is primarily a rational approach and delicate balance between the wishes of a customer and knowledge and experience of a designer . The aspects of modern construction technologies concerning the new building materials, recycling materials and analysis of their appropriate usage are always a part of this process. In every new project, we try to optimize energy efficiency of a building, applying innovative technologies. Thus, the inalienable part of any project which we make is using of energy efficient equipment linked very often with geothermal and renewable energy of the earth . For us it is important to understand not only the current trends in construction and architectural design , but we try to keep our gazes at the Future, which has rapidly been transforming into the present in recent years.